Now You Can search the real time inventories of (5) of our distributors and order guns and accessories thru Top Shot Gun Shops direct from our distributors in real time inventory from your home.



Search the combined real time inventories of RSR group, Ellett Brothers, Camfour, & Sport South. Search by Brand, Model, & Caliber for firearms and search for scopes optics and accessories All Items ordered thru this link are ordered thru Top Shot Gun Shop.


Search Davidsons Inc. Real time inventory You can search by Brand, Model, & Caliber All items ordered through this link are ordered thru Top Shot Gun Shop.


Incoming FFL Transfers

1) The sending FFL Dealer will need a copy of our license. Simply have the sending FFL CONTACT:

You may also send it yourself. We have no issues with that.

2) The sending dealer must include your name, phone number, and email address with the firearm. The sending dealer needs to include a copy of his/her FFL License with the firearm, even if they have previously emailed it to us. This is extremely common and most dealers are experienced in this process

3) Please inform us of approx. arrival date with tracking numbers at E-mail Address: Thank You!

4) The FFL Transfer Fee is very affordable!  We charge $35.00 (includes background check and state sales tax) per shipment! Not per Item!

5) You must complete The ATF From 4473 and background check before pickup. Pinellas County Fl has a 3 day waiting period on all weapons pistol, rifle, and shotgun that does not include weekends or holidays if you do not have a concealed carry permit. So complete the paperwork before your package arrives.

6) Once we receive the package we must open it and log the items and serial number into our books. After this is completed we will contact you for pick up.

FED Ex And UPS deliveries are late afternoons usually between 3:30pm and 5:00pm


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